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We have decided to put the answers to some of the more frequent and easy to answer questions here. Should you have any further questions then please use our online enquiry form to submit them or contact us today.

Why should we use a professional specialist cleaning company like PharmaCleanse to clean our controlled environments? PharmaCleanse will help to prevent costly downtime and minimise loss of production.
You have a specialist facility which requires specialist attention. You shouldn’t let the cleaners who clean your offices and bathrooms clean your controlled environment. The equipment, materials, and training for each discipline are very different. As we are using it everyday, we can afford to purchase and maintain the necessary equipment. Our collective experience is brought to the fore on the project and we will provide the best long term value.
When should our facility be cleaned? The short answer is, it depends.
Depending on how clean the facility needs to be (to what classification) and how much contamination is introduced by the activities conducted within. Some facilities are cleaned daily, or more often (i.e. before each shift), while others are cleaned on a weekly, monthly or six monthly basis. Occasionally some cleanroom environments are cleaned on a less frequent basis such as every 12 months.
It the use of the facility can dictate the frequency of the cleans. Change of product or end of R&D programme can instigate a need for a full clean.
How much do your services cost? Again the short answer is, it depends.
There are many factors which affect the price of our services. These include the type of service required, the size of the facility, existing contamination levels, desired contamination levels, staff and equipment density, cleaning frequency and schedule.
Do we have to shut down our operation to have it cleaned? Quite simply, No. Shutdowns and downtime are generally a thing of the past.
Our team of technicians work around your operations and staff. Of course certain activities will require unrestricted access to your work area. Special consideration must be given to dangerous equipment or other hazardous situations.
Do you work unsociable or out of office hours? Yes, our teams are on call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
We understand your needs for a very flexible schedule and therefore we can accommodate accordingly.
Why should I clean my controlled environment? You business, equipment and staff demand it.
An environment will not stay clean by itself. Generally, if you operate a controlled environment or cleanroom area then the nature of the beast demands regular cleaning, monitoring and validation. Typically, the equipment within a controlled environment is special and requires its own environment. Also, personnel may be subjected to reduced fresh air because of the controlled environment.
What is a controlled environment? Any area that is restricted to general use because of:
1) special contamination requirements
2) special power requirements
3) special security concerns
4) special temperature or humidity control
All of these areas are typically overlooked by the regular custodial staff. All of these areas need to be cleaned just like any other area of the building. And in the case of special contamination requirements, the area will need to be cleaned more often.
Examples of controlled environments include:
Cleanrooms, computer rooms, telecom and datacom closets or termination rooms, telecom and datacom switching centres; cable head ends; cellular communication; specialised production environments; laboratories; biomedical facilities, cleanrooms etc.
Why can’t our regular cleaning company take care of my cleanrooms? A regular office cleaning company is not enough.
In most cases your regular office cleaning company cannot provide the level of service that your facilities require. PharmaCleanse can provide a preventative maintenance programme carried out by our own trained and experienced professionals.
As soon as someone enters your controlled environment, they start evaluating your facility. An impeccably clean environment sends a clear message that you run a first-class operation. This obvious level of professionalism will be noticed – and respected – by both your customers and management.
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