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There areĀ a wide range of different standards that are used to specify the performance level that your clean facility should meet. Unfortunately it is not easy to compare one standard with another as they will often have different conditions applied to their methods of management. E.g. there will be differences between the number and position of samples to be taken, the pressure requirements between rooms, the relevance of certain size particles, the air change rates to be applied, etc.

The most common standards are US Fed 209E, BS 5295, EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), or BS EN ISO 14644-1 (1999).

The tables below give an outline guide to the approximate comparisons between these standards but you cannot necessarily assume that meeting one standard also meets another. We are able to guide you further when you have a particular cleaning project to consider .All our staff undergo skill an knowledge test and are full documented.

Today, facilities are dealing with an increasing prevalence of fungi, primarily yeasts and molds. While the pathogenic varieties constitute only a small percentage of the approximately 100,000 known species of fungi, the presence of any type of mold or yeast in the clean room, represents a possible route of contamination for specimens and products. Companies are increasingly facing tougher challenges in maintaining fungal levels below tolerance levels. Unlike bacteria and viruses, which do not survive for long periods outside a living host, yeasts and molds can thrive on any surface in your clean room. Fungi have been discovered living within the walls of controlled environments and even on pens and markers! When colonies or spores are detected, significant delays in research and production can result because additional cleaning and monitoring is required to restore regular operations.

Resistance of bacteria and fungi against biocides varies widely from specie to specie. Responses to biocides can also be dependent upon many factors. Molds are somewhat more resistant than yeasts and considerably more so than bacteria.

Our team of professionals knows how to select the proper disinfectant to overcome the resistance of specific contaminants and protect the integrity of your clean room. We use the latest micro-cleaning techniques and are current on the latest regulations. You can count on us to ensure your clean room processes are efficient and effective.

We have been serving the industry for over 14 years with advanced cleaning and decontamination techniques and understand your specialized needs and requirements. We also guarantee quality work and your complete satisfaction. Contact us today for a Decontamination Audit and Evaluation and go from clean to pristine.

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